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The legacy of TZ Medical continues with its new line of Trident Cardiac Monitors and flexible service offerings for any type of cardiology practice.

By Stephanie Kreml,


TZ Medical has decades of experience with medical devices and has worked with innovative cardiologists for years. Now the company offers three new cardiac monitors to provide a more complete service to cardiology practices.

All three new devices — the Trident Holter Monitor, the Trident Pro 4-in-1 Monitor, and the Trident Holter Patch — allow cardiologists to remotely monitor their patients when trying to capture elusive arrhythmias and other cardiac events.

“The Trident Holter Monitor is designed for use in Holter and Extended Holter [modes],” explains TZ Medical co-owner Trent Tribou, “while the Trident Pro 4-in-1 Monitor can be used in Holter, Extended Holter, Event Monitoring, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT).”

The Trident Holter Monitor records three channels of ECG data continuously for up to 14 days on a unit about the size of an alphanumeric pager that clips to the patient’s clothing. Clinicians can place three or four leads to ensure the best quality recordings.

The large LCD color touchscreen makes it easy for patients to record events and other symptoms for correlation with ECG data without the need for an external diary. The device also has long-lasting lithium batteries to minimize recharging during studies, and onboard processors automatically detect common arrhythmias. Cardiologists can download and analyze the recordings with TZ Holter Software that highlights events for validation.

The Trident Pro 4-in-1 Monitor expands on the Trident Holter Monitor’s functionality by adding Event Monitoring and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry for up to 30 days. The 4-in-1 also has built-in cellular capabilities for real-time data transmission.

And to address patients’ concerns about wearing a larger Holter monitor, TZ Medical offers the Trident Holter Patch. Like the Trident Holter Monitor, the device records three channels of ECG data via its single three-electrode patch for up to seven days. The water-resistant device’s small form factor allows the entire device to adhere to the patient’s chest wall and has a button for patients to record cardiac events.

When a study is complete, the three Trident Cardiac Monitors are reusable. The cardiologist’s team can clear all data, clean, and recharge each device for the next patient. For the Trident Holter Monitor and the Trident Pro 4-in-1 Monitor, TZ Medical offers a multi-port charger so units are ready to go when needed.

A Three-pronged Approach

Our ClearBeat portal allows [cardiologists] to interpret, comment, and sign off on all reports directly online.

Founded by Tom Tribou in Portland, Oregon in 1990, today the company is helmed by his son Trent and son-in-law John. It all started after Tom helped a vascular surgeon develop and commercialize a medical device to control bleeding after dialysis procedures.

Tom enjoyed bringing the surgeon’s idea to reality so much that he started TZ Medical to help more health care professionals improve patients’ lives. In order to ensure a solid process to deliver the best medical devices possible, Tom focused on listening to physicians, nurses, and technicians. When developing new products, TZ Medical isn’t satisfied until the device truly meets these professionals’ needs.

Additionally, Tom realized that patients can only benefit from the products his company develops if they are sold at value prices and reach the market as soon as possible. Before long, TZ Medical developed a portfolio of medical devices and products for the cardiac cath, electrophysiology, ad interventional radiology labs.

These core principles remain at the center of the company with the passing of the torch to the next generation. And TZ Medical’s solid engineering team, consisting of 14 individuals across the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, computer, and software engineering, ensure that clinician’s concepts are developed in a reliable and dependable way. “In each iterative step of the project process, TZ looks at safety, consumer needs, and product improvements,” says Tribou.

As the company continues development of its strong portfolio, TZ Medical believes it offers a superior solution for cardiology practices. The engineering team’s experience along with valuable input TZ Medical received from cardiologists and other customers led to the launch of the Trident line of cardiac monitors. Not only is TZ Medical aiming to provide the best devices available with valuable features, the company has two solutions to help cardiologists manage these service lines.

A Family Affair

The Trident Holter Patch is an accurate, reliable, and user-friendly patch monitor designed to provide clear and comprehensive ECG results during Holter and Extended Holter studies.

Trent Tribou 

Co-owner, TZ Medical

“There are two available purchasing options for our Trident Holter Monitors,” explains Trent Tribou. “The first is a full purchase approach that allows our customers to streamline the entire cardiac monitor process in-house.” This allows cardiologist to have full control of the process, from placing leads on their patients and uploading the captured data to generating reports and interpreting the results.

“The second option is our Service Model,” Tribou continues, “which supports Holter, Extended Holter, Event, and MCT through our secure ClearBeat online portal.” The ClearBeat workflow walks the cardiologists’ team through patient enrollment and connection to the monitoring device. Data from the monitors are uploaded to the ClearBeat web portal via USB, or the Trident Pro 4-in-1 Monitor has an internal cellular modem to transmit data for Event and MCT studies.

When using the ClearBeat platform, TZ Medical’s team of certified cardiac and rhythm analysis technicians (CCT and CRAT) provide 24/7 analysis of the studies. Tribou says, “Reports are generated and returned to the physician for a low flat fee, where they can be interpreted and signed off from any web connected device.” And ClearBeat complies with interoperability standards, allowing it to integrate with all existing EMRs.

“Simply put, our service is an extension of their practice and immediately puts reimbursements back into their business,” states Tribou.

ClearBeat for Clear Service

Simply put, our service is an extension of their practice and immediately puts reimbursement back into their business.

TZ Medical has more in store for this nascent line of cardiac monitors. “TZ has developed numerous bells and whistles that can be incorporated into its telemonitoring devices,” Tribou explains. And the team will leverage its background in the medical device industry to select and deliver the best set of features when continuing to improve its Trident Cardiac Monitors.

While the company realizes that the wants and desires of clinicians are paramount, the team also understands the evolving issues around reimbursement and the expectations of patients. TZ Medical knows that “patient needs, patient compliance, and costs play a major factor in incorporating new technologies,” says Tribou.

TZ Medical’s expertise in navigating the dynamics of a complicated healthcare market gives its new line of Trident Cardiac Monitors an edge and ensures cardiologists can provide the best care for their patients. And its flexible service offerings allow any type of cardiology practice to capitalize the value of these devices.

Strategy for Continued Improvement

In each iterative step of the project process, TZ looks at safety, consumer needs, and product improvements.


 February 2020