The Transformative Evolution

By Prof. Robert Klempfner, MD

Director of Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Institute, Leviev Heart Center, Sheba Medical Center,

Scientific Director - ARC Innovation Centre, Tel HaShomer

Director, The Israeli Center for Cardiovascular Research (R.A)

In the foreseeable future cardiology will continue the transformative evolution that has began over the past 5 years and will further accelerate.

Fusion of data across silos and insight generation. The best appropriate data at the right time is crucial for optimal decision making. Similar to the cockpit, data has to be ingested, fused and presented graphically in order to save time and reduce errors. Furthermore we expect to see more decision support tools based on machine learning predictions. These systems presently work best on imaging data and other data rich content like sensor signals. A number of successful studies have shown that early prediction can change patient outcomes.

Beyond the first wave of tele-medicine. Services primarily created around video encounters will be replaced by comprehensive platforms that aggregate data generated by individuals from sensors such as glucometers, smart watches, blood pressure monitors and multiple other devices that will monitor every aspect of life. The huge amount of data will not be useful unless we simultaneously develop the platforms to intelligently analyse the data and generate actionable insights. Combining consultations with patient generated data and telemedicine opens up new exiting possibilities in clinical trial design and execution. The ability to monitor patients progression along the care path and alert the care team when deviations occur will improve rapidly leading to a more personalised care.