New Renaissance

R. Kannan Mutharasan,

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


VP of Clinical and Research Affairs, EKO

Dr. Steve Pham

What will be new in 2020 in the cardiovascular space?
This year will bring increasing awareness of how artificial intelligence will impact patient care and our workflows. Studies today already show that for many tasks such as atrial fibrillation detection or tumor detection, AI algorithms can outperform even the most experienced clinicians.

How will this impact what work we do? Will there be anything left over for us?
I think the answer is absolutely yes and more. I think we will see increased interest in understanding how algorithms and people can work together to help patients get better. The key component to all of this is trust: we as clinicians have to understand how artificial intelligence works, trust its output, and correct it when it is wrong. Patients will need the human touch to help understand why diagnoses are being made, and ultimately why different treatment recommendations are being made.

"The biggest gains to be had in healthcare today are in knowledge translation, not discovery. The future of cardiovascular care is in knowledge we already have. In 2020, AI will kickstart a renaissance in cardiovascular care by resurfacing, recontextualizing, and redistributing cardiologist expertise to the frontlines of care."


 February 2020