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CardioDiagnostics; a medical technology innovation company, driven by its ambitious CEO Ziad Sankari; has gained much attention in the field of mobile cardiac telemetry monitoring, while helping save lives.

By Elena Borrelli

Ziad Sankari, a Lebanese entrepreneur is the Founder & CEO of CardioDiagnostic, a software and clinical service company that is a major driver of the estimated 26-billion-dollar global cardiac monitoring and cardiac rhythm management device market. CardioDiagnostics was founded after Ziad Sankari experienced the tragic death of his father by cause of a heart attack.

At the time Sankari was only 17 years old, and he decided to turn the unfortunate experience into something positive. This personal tragedy, steered his decision to study cardiac electrical activity and ultimately create CardioDiagnostics. “I think my dad would have been very proud of the work my team and I have done on this technology,” says Sankari. “I think he would have realized that his early departure from this life did not go to waste.”

Sankari’s fascination with data and result-driven nature has helped drive CardioDiagnostics to success over the years. He considers one’s health and wellbeing a priority. Sankari emphasizes the importance of taking care of our bodies throughout the journey of life. “I have defined my mission as to focus on delivering innovations in healthcare with the aim of maximizing impact on the human race across the globe,” he shares.

Driven by a Tragedy

Top Technology Benefits Patients

Cardiodiagnostics provides non-invasive,light-weight, pocket size devices that allow for continuous monitoring. With these devices, patients are able to go about their activities of daily living; while being monitored. This provides a valuable sense of comfort and safety to patients; as they know they are being monitored for arrhythmia’s while going about their day. This advanced technology has not gone unnoticed; as CardioDiagnostics was nominated as a top 10 Cardiovascular Digital Diagnostic Company in the University of California San Francisco Digital Health Awards 2019.

A Mission United

The CardioDiagnostics team is driven by the company’s mission; which is to make an impact on cardiac patients globally. They are focused on creating remote cardiac monitoring technologies; to allow improved monitoring and treatment for patients with cardiac problems. CardioDiagnostics seeks to reinvent cardiac care through world-class pioneering technologies. The company continuously works united; with a cohesive, positive, can-do culture. This leads to a collaborative environment among the different departments; resulting in a highly-valued customer service. “Our team understands that a customer-focused approach is the ultimate recipe for success; therefore, our team often schedules one-on-one live sessions with the users of our software to collect feedback on customer experience,” explains Sankari. The patient care personnel are available to provide patient support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking ahead…

“Today, the market is in need of minimally intrusive sensors that collect high-quality ECG data continuously and without adhesive or intrusive hardware,” says Sankari. He also believes that there is a market need for more accurate algorithms that can process huge amount of data with high accuracy and efficiency. Sankari follows the research community closely and sees future trends in applying machine learning to data such as medical images, electrocardiograms, and blood work results. These advances can benefit specialties such as cardiology and oncology; allowing for diagnostic interpretation to become more affordable and accessible to the public. He foresees the next generation of electrocardiograms will also include monitoring of respiratory and circulatory abnormalities. These advances will lead to drastic quality improvement of patient care for cardiac diseases.

In 2015, U.S. President Barack Obama recognized Ziad Sankari, Founder of CardioDiagnostics, as a Pioneer, appreciating his company’s work in helping to save lives.

CardioDiagnostics team understands the need of the market and focuses on what really matters. To that effect, the team has been carefully listening to customers in markets across the globe, collecting feedback and reiterating on their technology. The software they built is a secure, cloud-based scalable product that enables multi-party collaboration to deliver optimal care. It is designed to be hardware-agnostic, enabling multiple manufacturers of ECG recorders to connect their devices to the same cloud, adding flexibility and diversity to the monitoring process. The team also built the architecture of the software to enable workflow customization, which maximizes operational efficiency.

CardioDiagnostics focuses exclusively on the software component of the remote marketing market. Their product, CloudBeat, is their enterprise software solution, that assists monitoring centers around the world in managing and delivering remote cardiac monitoring.

CardioDiagnostics has developed two main products. CloudBeat and LifeSense. CloudBeat is the world’s first HIPPA compliant cloud-based cardiac monitoring system. CloudBeat’s features include its modular architecture and ability to provide customization to fit into various operation workflows. LifeSense is the white label name CardioDiagnostics uses for partner’s hardware.

Lifesense is an FDA-approved, advanced wireless monitoring device that automatically records, detects and wirelessly transmits a wide range of cardiac events. This allows patients to be continuously monitored in real-time for up to 30 days by their physician or other healthcare providers. The main signals sensed by their equipment are electrocardiography signals; which are then remotely transmitted via the cellular network to CloudBeat. Information including ECG and heart rate are wirelessly transmitted to the monitoring centers in the United States; where it is then evaluated by professional medical experts. The device is transmitted via automatic transmission and patient-triggered transmission. The patient-triggered transmission assists with correlating symptoms with auto-triggered events. CloudBeat software provides a Triage Page that displays patient events from a large pool of patients, as well as a dedicated section for event analysis and inspection. Reports are also customizable.

CardioDiagnostics has a large presence both in the United States and internationally. In the United States; the company ultimately provides services to cardiac monitoring centers, which in turn serve hospitals and clinics. Internationally; a hardware, software and service solution is provided to their distribution partners. CardioDiagnostics is one of the only companies in the remote cardiac monitoring market that focuses solely on the software component. “Our edge is to focus on the cloud-based software side of the business exclusively while opening the platform to several hardware manufacturers to integrate (hardware-agnostic platform),” states Sankari.

Perfecting the Process

A Focus on Software

Our team understands that a customer-focused approach is the ultimate recipe for success; therefore, our team often schedules one-on-one live sessions with the users of our software to collect feedback on customer experience.

Ziad Sankari
Founder & CEO of CardioDiagnostic


 February 2020