Wearable Preventative Arrhythmia Care

World-wide leaders in preventive care products, HeartIn created an innovative, portable 12-Lead ECG Device to be worn by patients with arrhythmia and coronary disease to reduce the number of deaths by heart rate monitoring and rapid administration of treatment after onset of symptoms.

HeartIn is poised to be the innovative leader in Smart Clothing products with the creation of a portable 12-Lead ECG device to be worn by patients with arrhythmia.

Preventative healthcare startup HeartIn offers innovative Smart Clothing with a 12-Lead ECG Device for arrhythmia and coronary disease patients.

By Connie Yerbic

The startup HeartIn is poised to become a Smart wearables industry leader with its cutting-edge ECG garments.

What Is It?

Future of Remote Cardiac Monitoring Is Now Reality

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HeartIn’s International Roots and Modest Beginnings

HeartIn Portable ECG Journey

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A Man on A Mission

Entrepreneur Alex (Oleksii) Vinogradov carries a lifelong dream of saving lives by harnessing the infinite potential of AI to create wearable medical devices. At HeartIn, that is exactly what Alex and his co-founder, cardiologist Dmytrov “Dima” Fedkov are doing. This dynamic duo had created a Smart T-Shirt with a built-in portable ECG monitor.

The intersection of tech, science, and medicine in wearable products is the obvious progression and HeartIn is at the forefront. HeartIn boasts many years in research and development already completed.

Entrepreneur Alex (Oleksii) Vinogradov carrys a lifelong dream of saving lives by harnessing the infinite potential of AI to create wearable medical devices.

HeartIn is a particularly interesting startup, not only because of the precision wearable ECG products it is creating, but because of its experience testing and modifying portable ECG prototypes.

HeartIn is a wearable medical ECG device which provides hospital-grade, highly accurate measurements of heart rate and several other useful metrics.

Alex Vinogradov not only has a professional stake in the success of HeartIn, but a personal one as well that serves to continuously motivate him.

Alex Vinogradov,Co-founder & CEO

HeartIn is a wearable medical ECG device that provides hospital-grade, highly accurate measurements of heart rate and several other useful metrics. What makes HeartIn different from other currently available products, such as smartwatches, is that smartwatches simply track the patient’s pulse to monitor heartbeats. Heart rate reading accuracy of smartwatches is roughly 70%. HeartIn, in contrast, offers the same sophisticated readings as ECGs found in medical settings like hospitals, with 99% heart rate reading accuracy.

WHO estimates over 17.9 million people die every year due to cardiovascular disease. 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each year. HeartIn’s preventative approach aims to reduce the number of CVD deaths with appropriate monitoring and timely medical intervention. 

HeartIn’s goal is to use its ECG Smart T-Shirt to enable patients with arrhythmia and heart disease to accurately gauge key heart markers and send the data for expert analysis. This device solves the problem of late detection of heart rate abnormalities. Early detection allows for rapid intervention and better outcomes. HeartIn’s product is portable, easy-to-use and accurately monitors the heart anywhere the patient is.

The HeartIn Fit device is either a Smart T-shirt or Sports Bra designed with the same medical-level ECG capabilities found in hospitals and doctors’ facilities. A portable ECG device monitors the heart, accurately collecting and recording the patient’s heart data. It can also assess the level of stress and fatigue the body is experiencing.

Two built-in nanoelectrodes are embedded in the inner portion of the t-shirt in the chest area. No stickers or cables are necessary. No need to shave the user’s chest. The t-shirt is ready to wear and is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

The HeartIn ECG device automatically syncs the patient’s smartphone with Bluetooth. A free, downloadable mobile app allows for immediate monitoring. Once the device records the patient’s data, it is automatically sent to the app and analyzed by HeartIn’s AI algorithm.

Alex Vinogradov is an entrepreneur from the seaport city Odessa, Ukraine. Alex wanted to create an affordable ECG that was both effective and completely portable. In order to accomplish this, Alex combined his talents with cardiologist Dmytrov “Dima” Fedkov and the two formed a working partnership.

Originally, they planned to create a portable ECG device to help heart patients in their country. The government there, however, was not supportive and so the team focused on other possibilities


HeartIn is notable not only for the forward-thinking products it is creating, but because of where it’s already been. Testing, trial and error, rebooting and rethinking to arrive at products poised to help thousands suffering from heart problems. HeartIn tested several potential ECG devices and models, learning from each invention’s strengths and weaknesses.

Early device prototypes involved attaching electrodes to the body. Alex and Dima knew the process needed to be simplified to be practical for everyday consumers.

The next model was a wearable bracelet, but unlike any other on the market. The goal was constant heart monitoring, and with each prototype, Alex and Dima learned and refined the model.

The trials and modifications led to the HeartIn Smart ECG T-Shirt. Alex uses the HeartIn t-shirt while playing tennis, golf, or biking, to monitor his own fitness efforts.

In 2014, HeartIn was incorporated in the US. The HeartIn core team is composed of Vinogradov, Fedkov, and two silent partner investors. The group initially self-financed and supplemented with loans from the two partners.

Electrocardiographs have been in use since the Second World War. However, Alex wanted HeartIn’s device to be completely portable and affordable for all.

One obvious idea was to simply recreate an ECG but shrink it to portable device size. The problems were several. Trying to replicate a full-size ECG was very cost-prohibitive.

Another concern was the possibility that the device could be hacked. If the proprietary software was stolen, it could be sold or released elsewhere and the value of the device would plummet.

Finding Solutions for Every Challenge

Alex and Dima developed a Cloud-based system. Each HeartIn mobile apps would connect to a central server. The central HeartIn server hosts all necessary software, patient records and information, doctor information and profiles.

The HeartIn central server is the portal for on-call cardiologists to connect with HeartIn patients. Depending upon the situation, patients can connect with doctors for a consultation or an emergency call. AI based arrhythmia detection will save a lot of time for doctors, using alarm for events. 

HeartIn’s profit strategy consists of two overall objectives:

  1. 1. Generate revenue from the sale of HeartIn ECG devices to consumers.
  2. 2. Receive a fee based on a percentage of revenue generated from each ECG consultation. HeartIn provides the network, cardiologist availability, and the screening for heart abnormalities.

Technology is improving workouts and professional sports training.

Smart wearable medical garments are in their infancy. The demand for portable ECG devices will continue to grow with those wishing to monitor any heart rate abnormalities, analyze in-workout heart rate, between workout recovery time, and measure the optimal resting time between sets of exercise. Day-long data is recorded for detailed results. This technology will become increasingly popular with both everyday workout enthusiasts and professional athletes. 

Mental health cases will also be a driver for Heartin. ECG can extract stress, fatigue and emotional levels using HRV. Smart T-Shirt used now in some cases for monitoring mental health will disrupt the space and decrease reimbursement rate for providers and doctors. 

Alex Vinogradov not only has a professional stake in the success of HeartIn but a personal one as well that serves to continuously motivate him. Both of Alex’s parents died at young ages of cardiovascular disease in his native Ukraine. Alex intends to prevent as many unnecessary CVS deaths as possible with HeartIn’s convenience, easy-to-use system, precision measurements, and low cost.


 February 2020