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The field of cardiac monitoring is in for a sea change. As cardiovascular disease accounts for an ever greater share of the chronic disease burden worldwide, ambulatory cardiac monitoring solutions inspired by advances in sensor technology, artificial intelligence, real-time data transmission, and cloud computing are galloping ahead. Born out of boundary-crossing expertise in cardiology, electrophysiology, electronic engineering, wireless technology, and other disciplines adjacent to cardiac care – and a touch of creative genius – they represent a revolutionary new front in medical-grade wearables for the heart.

In this edition of Cardiology2.0 we are featuring 30 leading companies that are at the forefront of cardiac monitoring. The winning companies share with us their story on how they are impacting the marketplace. Some of the companies profiled here are still in the early stages of market penetration, yet the signs of impact they are already creating are visible.

Hailing from Silicon Valley to Sweden, and from Seattle to Ukraine, their founders share a passion for cutting-edge technology and innovation that impact human health, ease the burden on physicians and healthcare systems, and put patient experience squarely at the center of healthtech design.

We hope you enjoy learning about these path breaking companies and their creations – and to whet your appetite, we´ve culled together some of their most lucid assessments and predictions of where the cardiac monitoring ecosystem is and where it´s headed.

 We also have host of experts sharing their thoughts and wisdom on what 2020 holds for the cardiovascular space. Happy reading.

John Mathews

Rebooting Cardiac Monitoring